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Childminding Matters provide a variety of training for the childcare workforce. We deliver training to childminders and other childcare practitioners and are happy to develop training to suit your needs.

We offer:

If you are interested in some training that you can’t see listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements:

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Want to Become a Childminder? Introductory training to register as a childminder 

Our highly competitively priced online Childminding Registration Course will be for you. You may also want to download a free copy of our How to become a registered childminder.

If you want to move into childminding from a different childcare background (e.g. pre-school or nursery) and are confident in delivering the EYFS, then you could just do our Childminder Business Requirements Course.

CACHE Qualifications 

We are proud to be approved by NCFE CACHE as a training centre. At present we offer the following qualifications:

Inset Day / TD Day / PD Day Training

We are happy to come to your setting to deliver training for your Inset- / TD- / PD- day. We can tailor the training to suit the time you have available and the training needs of your staff. Recent sessions have included:

  • Using Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-being (SSTEW) Scale to Support Quality Improvement
  • Ofsted’s New Education Inspection Framework (EIF): Getting to Know the New ‘Early Years Inspection Handbook’


Face-to-Face Training

We carry out evening and weekend training, which is suitable for childminders (and their assistants) and group settings. Recent courses include:

  • Making Every Interaction Count
  • British Values, Equality and Diversity
  • Characteristics of Effective Learning
  • Brain Development and Attachment
  • Maths Matters

See our shop for more details on what is on offer or contact us to discuss forthcoming training in your area: We are happy to discuss possible training events with you.

Interaction training

Bespoke Face-to-Face Training

We are happy to put together training packages to suit your childcare needs – this could be, for example, to a group of childminders or to a group setting. Please contact us at with details of training courses you would like developed. If you can provide the venue, we can come to you to deliver the training you want and when you want it!

Training courses previously delivered include:

  • Observation, Assessment & Planning and Characteristics of Effective Learning
  • Promoting Positive Behaviour
  • Schemas
  • Introduction to the EIF
  • Get Me Ready to Learn!

Online Training: CPD* in the comfort of your own home

We provide a variety of online CPD courses that you can work through at your own pace. See our shop for more details on what is on offer.

Remember, whenever you carry out CPD, after a few weeks, you should take a moment to reflect upon what you learnt and how you have put it into practice. What impact has the training had on the children in your setting, on you (and other co-workers) or on the setting in general? What additional training do you feel would benefit you next?

*CPD = Continuous Professional Development

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