Comments from Childminding Registration Course learners when asked, “What did you enjoy most about the course?”:

Being able to complete the course at my own pace


The communication with Childminding Matters – Wendy was fantastic at keeping in touch and responding to emails and calls.


The information is easy to follow and is in sections so you don’t need to go over the same areas again.


I enjoyed the study aid and the help and support from Childminding Matters. I felt there was plenty of relevant information and a lot of links to extra supported reading. I would personally like to thank Julia and Wendy for their support and encouragement they have given me … They provide an outstanding service and are always at the end of the phone if I have any queries


I enjoyed refreshing my memory on the EYFS as its such an important part of Early Years Childminding. Also learning about the business side of childminding was very helpful and interesting to me in order to make my new venture a success. The information was very easy to understand, the workbook of questions was easy to follow and the study aids were fantastic and very helpful.


Comments from Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) learners:

All aspects of this training so far have led to positive development of my work as a childcare practitioner. I have learnt so so much, it’s been such an enjoyable course and my assessor has been great!


Everything I have learnt through my course and through Julia [Assessor] have allowed my knowledge and confidence to grow. The support, the positivity and the honesty have really made me reach my goal…What has been useful? Every aspect of the course and the support I have received from Julia. I have now been given the amazing opportunity to be Lead Early Years Educator in my place of work and that is possible because of what I’ve learnt.


Thanks to my qualification and the things I’ve learned, I’ve just been promoted to deputy manager.


Julia [Assessor] has been fantastic, I never feel a question is too silly, and her explanations are thorough, personal and exceptionally helpful. Julia has interpreted and understood my personal needs and worked with me to support these. Her induction was friendly and well prepared me for the journey ahead. I’ve done a number of qualifications over the years and working with Julia has been one of the best experiences (professional, friendly, supportive, structured and personal) that I have received… Julia and Wendy [IQA] have been excellent at supporting my own personal and the wider practice’s developmental needs. They are professional and knowledgeable in their approach and added a real richness to my thinking


Writing notes on what I am teaching is easier now I have a richer vocabulary within the subject to explain.


Comments from inset / TD- day training:

Thanks again for coming along and presenting the training for us. The staff have all commented about how good it was and we have reflected on things you have suggested and what we can do better. The staff felt you were both really helpful and the way the training was presented was very clear and positive. So thank you very much.


What was the most useful part of the training?“: Learning about the SSTEW scale and how to better support children with interactions. I will listen properly, following the 10 second rule to ensure children know I’m listening and respecting them.


All the training was very informative and useful. I loved the collaborative theme.


Comments from childminders receiving support

Thanks! I got it done. She [Inspector] was happy with all paperwork and said, “You met all the expectations”. I achieved this just because of your suggestions and support. Thanks Again

B.S. – Swindon Childminder who received a pre-Ofsted inspection support visit

I would just like to say how fantastic Julia was in supporting Naomi. The visit was of real benefit and we would like to thank her very much for her professionalism , subject knowledge and reassuring personality.

S.D. & N.D. – Oxford Childminder and husband who received a support visit

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