Forthcoming Festivals & Awareness Days

Differences between people

Celebrate other cultures and promote British values!

Celebrate differenceWe have  put together a free, downloadable calendar of festivals, celebrations and awareness days to not only help you to celebrate diversity and other cultures, but also help you to promote British Values in your setting. We also provide a page which includes some activity ideas to help you to include some of these festivals and celebrations in your planning. (These activity ideas are indicated by a “Click here” link after the name of the festival).

The calendar for October to December 2019 is available below. For 2020 dates, please download your FREE copy of “Celebrating Diversity: Festivals, Celebrations and Awareness Days 2020” in our shop (CLICK HERE). Also, please keep an eye on our Facebook page for additional celebrations/awareness days.

Our list is certainly not exhaustive and we are not omitting or including any particular dates as a message of our beliefs or values.

We endeavour to be accurate with the dates listed – please inform us if you notice any errors in order that we can make the necessary corrections.

What’s coming up in 2019?

British Values Planner Celebrating Diversity Oct to Dec 2019

For dates in 2020, visit our shop to download your free Celebrating Diversity calendar – CLICK HERE


Anti-Bullying Week

National Bug Busting Day

Road Safety Week 

Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day


Birthday of Garu Nanek: (Sikh) Free sweets and community meals are offered to everyone at the temples. Houses and temples are lit up for the festivities.

Bodhi Day: Buddhist from Mahayana tradition celebrating the enlightenment of Buddha.

Dia de Muertos: (Day of the Dead) (Mexico) Celebration paying tribute to friends and family who have died.

Diwali: Festival of Lights celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains

Eid Mawlid al-Nabi: Islamic celebration of the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

Hanukkah: Jewish festival of lights. Also known as Chanukah.

National Bug Busting Day: By synchronising Bug Busting across the country you can help prevent lice from circulating from head to head and back again.

Stir-Up Sunday: Victorian tradition to stir the Christmas pudding 5 weeks before Christmas; the day when wishes are said to come true!

Yule: (Winter Solstice) Pagans celebrate rebirth of the sun.

Zarathosht Diso: Zoroastrians remember the death of their prophet Zoroaster.

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