Childminding Matters

Childminding Matters...

provides a range of support, advice and training for childminders (including those in the process of registration) and early years settings to help them provide an inclusive service to meet the needs of all children, families and adults in their setting.

Every child is unique...

and is at the heart of everything a high quality childminder and early years group setting does. Children deserve quality care and education – and we're here to help you deliver it.

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How to become a childminder

How to become a childminder

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Resources and shop

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Training & qualifications for all EY practitioners

Training & qualifications for all EY practitioners

Training and Qualifications

for all EY practitioners

Are you a registered childminder?

Are you considering childminding as a career?

Are you confused about how to become a childminder?

Do you work in an Early Years group setting (e.g. nursery / preschool)?

Do you want to gain an early years qualification?

Then Childminding Matters are here to help you!

Childminding Matters was set up by Julia Hinns and Wendy Ockenden. We have been registered childminders ourselves and have worked in early years group settings and so we understand not only the difficulties and challenges that you can face, but also the immense job satisfaction and joy both working in childminding and the early years sector in general brings.

Wendy and Julia met at Trio Childcare Connections Ltd – a company set up by Julia in 1996 to manage the childcare requirements of a large corporate client. Trio went on to provide contracted services to local authorities to offer support to childcare professionals, including childminders. With continued cuts to LA budgets, these services have been cut.

We therefore decided to set up Childminding Matters in order that we can support childminders and group settings on an individual basis. Although we can offer online support, resources and training to childminders and early years group settings across England, we are only able to offer visits at this time to childminders within approximately 40 mile radius of either Swindon or Banbury - i.e.

  • Wiltshire,
  • Oxfordshire,
  • Gloucestershire,
  • Warwickshire,
  • Northamptonshire,
  • NW Hampshire,
  • W Berkshire,
  • SE Worcestershire,
  • N Buckinghamshire
  • (see our Childminder Support Pages or contact us for more details of visits).